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Can I use the Horizon Energy Monitor (FCJJ-24) with Windows 10?

Yes the Horizon Energy Monitor (FCJJ-24) works with Windows 10, you just need to make some easy updates as per below. If you updated your operating system to Windows 10 and try to use the computer interface the device may not be able to connect with the computer. You might not be able to choose which port that to connect in PC software of the Horizon Energy Monitor. To fix this problem it is necessary to download and install an updated driver which allow the computer to connect with the device. All the information needed is on the following manual.


FCJJ24_EN-Windows-10-Driver-Installation-Manual2.pdf (659 downloads)

Can the fuel cell be continuously supplied with hydrogen gas without having to electrolyse water several times to obtain hydrogen gas?

Yes, it can. A Reversible fuel cell is a system that can work both as electrolyzer or as fuel cell. However for industrial systems, generally they are separate devices in order to get the best of each technology. We also are pioneers in fuel cell industrial systems. They are automated to provide pure hydrogen to fuel cells continuously.

What is included with the Horizon Energy Curriculum?

Within each grade/subject available for each kit, we’ve included hours of classroom activities. The core of the activities is the student worksheet, which guides students through a series of inquiry-based experiments, open-ended questions, and scientific discussion. Additional reading and online materials are provided as scaffolding for enrichment or remedial support based on individual student needs. For teachers, instructional materials include ready-made lesson plans, formative assessment tools, and suggestions for running the activities in different classroom settings.

What grade levels and subjects are covered by the Horizon Energy Curriculum?

Right now, the Horizon Energy Curriculum is focused on materials for Earth Science and Physical Sciences middle school students as well as Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science high school students.  Soon, this will expand to include Science and Engineering university students and Career and Technical Education students, so check back often!

What are the Next Generation Science Standards?

Backed by educational organizations such as the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, and the National Science Teachers Association, and by science organizations such as the American Physical Society, American Chemical Society, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have been developed by the National Research Council to change the way science is taught in the United States.  Instead of the traditional focus on memorizing individual facts, the NGSS are designed to let students gain a more complete understanding of science by emphasizing interconnected concepts and by continuously engaging with the practices of scientists and engineers: defining problems, developing investigations, evaluating data, and constructing explanations.   The NGSS are currently adopted by 13 states representing 30% of the US student population, with more than 20 other states considering adoption.

How to use Horizon Energy Curriculum?

What is the Horizon Energy Curriculum?

We’ve written the Horizon Energy Curriculum to be a companion to our Horizon Educational Science Kits, which are built for hands-on, inquiry-based student activities.  The Energy Curriculum provides instructors with a set of activities for their classes aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, as well as lesson plans, assessment tools, support materials, and even helpful hints for setting up and running these activities in their classroom

REM software doesn’t recognize the USB port

Our Software only works with Windows Operating Systems
Have you successfully installed the REM software and drivers from the CD? If so, have you run the application before connecting the USB cable to the computer/monitor. By doing so, you allow the computer to install the driver appropriately.

What to do if the fan in FCJJ-37 stops working?

The fan stops working because there is an excess of moisture inside of the fuel cell membrane. It is commonly known as water flooding. The membrane should be kept humidified, but it cannot have too much moisture, otherwise the output power drops. The purging valve is used to release this excess water vapor / hydrogen from the system.

What to do when FCJJ-11 – Fuel Cell Car starts to slow down?

After several uses Hydrogen tends to build up inside of the fuel cell. When this occurs FCJJ-11 slows down. To tackle this issue, please inject distilled water into the fuel cell. Wait 30 minutes ( .5 hour) and then inject distilled water in the fuel cell again.

On What Devices Is I-H2GO compatible with?

iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3 or lower versions

The water levels do not drop when the gas outlet tubes on both sides of the fuel cell are unplugged.

Check whether the spaces on the wall of the inner cylinder are blocked. If so, unclog them and pour water into the
the inner cylinder until water enters the spaces and fills up the inner cylinder.